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Delicatessen and Halal Meat

1Where to find Isla Mondial products?
Isla Mondial products are present and available on the 2 main commercial circuits. In supermarkets: Carrefour, Auchan, Carrefour Market, Leclerc ... As well as on the traditional circuit: butchers and convenience stores. We invite you to discover the point of sale closest to you in order to take advantage of the products from the Isla Mondial range.
2What are your guarantees on halal certification?
All our products are certified by the AVS organization, leader in halal certification in France. Anxious to respect the religious rites specific to our consumers, we have chosen this organization which guarantees a slaughter process consistent with our values. Find out more about AVS certification.
3How to take advantage of Isla Mondial's promotional offers?
In order to be kept informed on our promotional offers, we invite you to regularly visit our dedicated page but also to subscribe to our newsletter.
4Are Isla Mondial products sold abroad?
Isla Mondial products are currently available in Belgium and the Netherlands. They will soon be available in other European countries as well as in the French overseas departments and territories.
5Where are your products made?
Our entire range of cured meats is developed and manufactured in our production unit located in Plouay, in Brittany. Find out more about our production unit.
6How to store products after opening?
Storage rules are important for guaranteeing product quality. Always take care to respect the cold chain and therefore the temperature indicated on the product packaging. Proper handling and storage helps prevent spoilage, contamination and the development of bacteria. Once opened, place products in aluminum foil, stretch wrap, or sealed plastic containers to prevent drying or contamination.
7How to contact you?
A contact section is available on our website, you can write to us and leave your comments. Please provide your contact details so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us by post at the following address: ISLA MONDIAL DISTRIBUTION, Service consommateurs, 61 rue de Landy, 93300 AUBERVILLIERS.

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