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Why Isla Mondial says No to electronarcosis?

The importance of certification for our consumers
February 12, 2018

As you must know if you follow the news of our brand, Isla Mondial chose to say no to electronarcosis. We have never used this process and we will never use it. But what electronarcosis ? And why did we come to the conclusion that using this process does not guarantee a product strictly halal.

AT go back to designing products strictly halal has always been our leitmotif! To achieve this result, one of the most important moments of this process is of course the immolation of the beast. In Isla Mondial, our goal has always been to guarantee you a slaughter in accordance with islamic rite. It is therefore for this reason that we categorically refuse to resort to electronarcosis. But before motivating our approach, a point on this process is essential.

What is electronarcosis?

Electronarcosis is a process of stunning animals by electricity, the aim being to "stun" cattle, sheep or poultry before bleeding. Manufacturers invoke animal welfare and productivity concerns (only for poultry) to justify their use of electronarcosis.

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The heads of poultry are immersed in an electrified water tank while cattle and sheep are affixed with electrodes on their heads. It is therefore in these two ways that certain slaughterhouses proceed before slaughtering the animals. ”


As a picture is better than a thousand words, we provide you with a video of our partner and certifier, the association AVS, which will allow you to realize what this process is in a concrete way. .

A problematic technique

The problem with this technique is that the electric shock can kill the animal before its slaughter which contravenes the islamic rite since a Muslim cannot eat meat from a dead animal before the immolation. In addition, several studies have contradicted each other regarding the improvement of animal welfare that would supposedly be the responsibility of this process. .

For example, in his 2004 report, EFSA, however fervent follower of the stunning methods, also recognized the existence of severe pain caused by electronarcosis : "The suffering from electronarcosis is violent."

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As indicated AVS on his site: "Several studies abound in the direction of religious communities claiming that it is impossible to guarantee that electronarcosis does not complete animals (before slaughter) and especially poultry. Organizations like the FAWC where the MAFF , but also renowned researchers, such as Dr Mouchonière and Dr Raj, have shown that it is impossible to guarantee zero mortality rates in an industrial context '


It is also interesting to note that electronarcosis is mainly used for poultry because it greatly increases the rate while for cattle, its use slows it down. So we see that animal suffering is only the cynical pretext of an industry that just wants to produce faster and in larger quantities, whatever the consequences!

Isla Mondial says no to electronarcosis

therefore for all these reasonsIsla Mondial said NO to electronarcosis. We will not sacrifice our ethics on the altar of productivity! We will carry out the mission entrusted by you, consumers, since 1985! We will give the alternative to people wishing to consume a quality product that meets the specifications of the Muslim rite! you start to understand our slogan a little better, #ForYouHalaldeQuality ! .


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